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Paid Social

Paid Social

1 Social Strategy:

Social media is now a core part of Google’s indexing algorithm. Delivering a positive user experience (UX) helps drive social signals (likes, shares, votes, pins etc.) which if well optimised are one of the strongest ranking factors in search marketing. Social signals also provide opporunites for real time engagement and agile content publishing, ensuring a more current and relevant user experience.

Dependent on the brief and the audience we develop social engagement and optimisation strategies and subsequent tactics to ensure your brands thrive across the online landscape.

2 Social Activity:

Paid social should be a core consideration for marketing and communications to reach and build highly targeted reliable audiences on all major social networks. We build real-time two way engagement strategies that ensure you can manage issues immediately and look to harness opportunities or brand mentions whilst gathering data that allows you to reach more relevant audiences more often.
Starting with a robust social listening exercise (SLE) we develop paid social engagement strategies with emotive engaging content, that tell a story across a number of channels such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google+ and Instagram to drive positive results.

3 Social Results:

We monitor and track social engagement, continually optimising campaigns for optimal ROI. We also compare and measure which social media platforms and communities work best for different therapy areas to ensure the development and implementation of effective campaigns that drive the relevant traffic and engagement.