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Paid Search

Paid Search

1 Strategy:

Paid search enables you to reach a highly targeted audience in a defined time period. Building robust strategies aligned with content updates for your campaign or programme, we ensure incremental increases in relevant traffic to your web pages. We also establish tracking and analytics to make sure all visitors are captured on the basis of defined agreed metrics.

2 Ad Creation & Implementation:

From the foundation of our PPC strategic planning and rich keyword analysis we define campaign KPIs . We ensure landing pages are well optimised, call to actions are clear and audiences land at the required destination, ensuring a simpler user journey.

3 Ad Optimisation & Testing

On-going optimisation and testing is an essential part of any paid campaign. Using a range of methods and testing procedures to analyse the performance of a campaign, we can respond in real time to get the maximum value with minimum cost.

4 Reporting:

After ad optimisation and testing, we analyse the click through rates (CTR) and delivery against agreed KPIs. This ensures we can improve the user interface of your site and report on the campaign’s cost per acqusition (CPA) meaning we can drive improvements in quality score over time.