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Natural Search

Natural Search

Each SEO roadmap we develop for our clients is a comprehensive step by step guide of what is required in any given therapy area to improve your sites search rankings, web traffic and conversions. By constantly innovating and developing bespoke brand strategies, we stay ahead of trends and technical updates.

1 On-going SEO:

Technical SEO is one of the crucial parts of natural search. It is an on-going inspection of your website architecture and building components, from the structure and hierachy to the code and the content and a comparison of your therapy area or industry competition, which doesn’t always translate to your traditional brand competitors. Our teams of skilled technicians optimise your site to improve the crawlability, usability and visibility in search engines.

2 Consultancy Projects:

SEO landscape audit:

A comprehensive review of competitors across the online landscape; rich insights into competitor’s keyword structure to ensure better results for your brand.

Technical Consultancy:

All our technical teams use both leading software tools and manual analysis, to capture detailed technical information about web properties. Once technical data is gathered, our technical SEO experts review the key issues and provide actionable recommendations for quick wins and sustained success. We also provide consultancy on site migration, site re-design, search-driven information architecture (IA) and robust coding structure.

3 Re-engineering:

Re-engineering is the process of improving the existing coding and structure of an existing site to adapt it to the latest Google algorithm and search technology. We also review backlink profiles and remove any low quality or toxic links from the site, which will help with natural search rankings.

4 Content Optimisation:

Quality content is key. We identify poor quality content on the site and working with the most relevant therapy area experts across Health Unlimited we develop engaging, relevant and high quality content. This ensures your web page gets highly targeted, relevant traffic and improves the keyword ranking on Google and other search engines.

5 International SEO:

When you have a global website with different languages and countries, it can be a huge challenge to manage website architecture, content and keyword ranking in the different geo locations. We help to set up international website architect, geo-targeting and international ranking strategy in global markets across a number of domain structures to ensure optimal in market local results.

6 Mobile Optimisation:

To get effective keyword ranking on mobile devices, it is essential your site is responsive or mobile optimised. We can build a comprehensive mobile user experience (UX) strategy, which will help to get top keyword rankings on mobile search, and improve UX.

7 Analytics & Reporting:

We help clients to set up the Google analytics and Google webmaster tools (whilst also working with a number of other platforms such as Adobe’s Omniture). Setting up tag manager and custom events on the web page can give you rich insights to understand campaign success and each user’s behaviour and attributes. From marketing to communications we ensure teams know how to use analytics platforms and set up custom dashboards to make informed decisions on campaign refinement. Analytics in Pharma and Healthcare needs to be a day-to-day skill and our teams work with a range of mutli-disciplinary teams across the business to ensure quick brave decisions can be made.